The Royal University of Cimera at Sehria
The Royal University of Cimera is the foremost higher education establishment in Cimera.  It maintains extensive libraries and museums of national history.  There are also extensive studies on linguistics, ethnology, anthropology, psychology, and political sciences.  Below are some related resources.
The Alvare Institute in Lendosa-Provides thorough information on cartography, Lendosan history, the Lendian language, Lendian Religion and Philosophy, and Politics.
The Royal Christiana Cartographer-Provides thorough information on Vexillium cartography.  Extensive maps of Christiana as well as Vexillium in general.
Armatirion Space Agency-Provides excellent information on the solar system, astronomy, and space ventures.
University of Sehria College of History-Historical information on many nations.
Meritais Orthography-Orthography of the Meritéan Language
Ethnic History of Cimera-History on the development of ethnic groups in Cimera.