HM Treasury
    The Treasury is the Kingdom’s economics and finance ministry, responsible for formulating and implementing financial and economic policy.  It is also charged with the tasks of collecting taxes, paying the debts of the Kingdom, printing currency and postage, and minting coinage.  It is headed by the Grand Chamberlain who is appointed by the king.  The current Grand Chamberlain is the Right Hon. Lloyd Wentyhents.   
     Cimeran Currency employs a centesimal monitary system.  100 centimes (or cents) equal one crown.  One crown is equal to one Cruisianan Crown.
Cimera is a peaceful, prosperous, and stable modern market economy with low unemployment, a highly skilled labor force, and a large per capita GDP.  Despite setbacks during two violent but short conflicts in the Kingdom following the destabilisation of Merité and Cimeran independence, the economy has remained largely intact.  Having been somewhat autonomous within the Meritéan system, Cimera’s independence was less of a strain than it might otherwise have been. Cimera remains a safehaven for investors, because it has maintained a degree of bank secrecy and has kept up the crown's long-term external value.