Education is free and compulsory from the age of 5-18.  A year of college tuition will be matched by the government by every year of voluntary service in the Cimeran Defence Force or other government service.
       Cimeran Public schools begin with Level School consisting of Levels 1-7.  A child generally begins Level 1 at age 5.  After graduating from Level 7, the student goes on to a Middle School for levels 8 and 9.  Upon graduation from Middle School, the student proceeds on to a High School for levels 10-13.  After graduating High School a student can go into the military for increments of 1-, 2-, 4-,5- or 8- years.  The government will pay for as many years of school as are served in the military.  The student in service may attend school coextensively with their service period in times of peace.
Ministry of Education