Cimeran Businesses
     Cimeran Airlines is the national airlines of
Cimera. It provides regional transport as well as international transportation to Vingarmark, Feniz, etc.

Symbol: CAS
                  Meritone is a leading 
                   integrated communications 
                 provider.  Meritone provides mobile phone service, internet service and produces cellphones and other communication equipment.
Symbol: MTN
     Cadia Chocolatier. One of the largest employers in western Cimera, Cadia is known across Vexillium for its gourmet chocolate.
Symbol: CAD
     Belson Rail (Cimera) is a Utanian-owned former national rail network..

Symbol: BEL:LSX
                          Nogmo Foods is Cimera's 
                          first organic grocer, setting
                          the trend for the entire
                          organic and health foods

Symbol: NGF
                    Rélou-Vilmier is Vexillium's
                    largest research-based
                    pharmaceutical company,
                    decicated to humanity's quest for longer, happier, healthier lives.
Symbol: RVP